Dragonstar: The Serpent’s Teardrop

The Serpent’s Teardrop is a game set in the Dragonstar universe as described by Fantasy Flight Games. A variety of old and new sci-fi and fantasy adventures have been adapted and mutilated to run for the crew of the small freighter Whisperkiss as they traverse the dangerous neutral zone between Golion (copper dragon domain) and Altara (white dragon domain).

The crew was originally “gathered” as “deniable assets” for Admiral Alsir of the massive Golion city-ship Mithral Star. Sending them on missions he couldn’t officially condone, the half-dragon was able to stick his claws into the silent war between copper and white dragons.

Recently the crew has also run in to Cardinal Trenar, a powerful thri-kreen figure in the Church of the Reaper who seems to think they are poised on a tipping point of galactic importance. He has traveled with his personal cruiser to meet them twice, an “honor” that the party would gladly have done without.

Now sent deep into Altaran territory, the team has to negotiate tricky aristocorp covert ops, discover the secrets of massive pre-Empire ringworlds, and potentially save the universe from designs even darker than those of the evil red dragon Emperor Mezzenbone…

Dragonstar: The Serpent's Teardrop

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