Whisperkiss is a 200 year old Free Trader vessel that has been heavily modified, most notably to host and be operated by a spirit, much like a soulmech. The frame is akin to an Explorer-class starship with a fore bridge, aft engineering, port and starboard cargo holds, and a central living/kitchen section. The ship also has the ability to mount a 25 ton cargo pod or a smaller vessel (i.e. non-starcasting fighter) to it’s top and/or bottom, although it then loses the ability for atmospheric flight.


Originally designated Amber this ship was to play host to a powerful demon. However a mishap at the moment of casting instead captured the soul of a recently deceased halfling adventurer who’s former party were currently trying to kill the offending sorcerer. Whisperkiss adapted quickly to his new life, learning to operate himself and then assuaging wanderlust amongst the stars for two centuries. A run-in with a star dragon almost ended his life, but the Mithral Star intervened and Whisperkiss was indebted to Alsir.


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